Journal of Learning: Self-Publishing

2015 Update: I've been so busy writing and creating covers and interior illustrations, and learning the myriad ins and outs of getting files into publishable shape, that I've neglected to publish advice and gleanings from the experiences.

I have all the notes. And when a vista of time opens up, I will put them into some sort of readable (and, I hope, interesting) form, and share them here.

A Journey of Self-Education: it started with an email

posted Feb 9, 2011, 5:45 PM by Ponsonby Pell

This journey of learning about self-publishing began with a glimpse of an email from Borders. It concerned a self-publishing partnership between Borders and another company (which I won't specify since it doesn't figure in the choices I actually made). I saw this email in November of 2010, and since that time I've put in, very literally, hundreds of hours of reading, question-asking, and trial-and-error working with applications and software.
This journal offers a glimpse of that journey of self-education, in the hope that the information found here will be helpful to others.

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