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A MUELLER REPORT paperback version that's actually READABLE:

MUELLER SPEAKS: Essentials from the Russian-Interference Investigation—the Full Report, Barr Letter, Flynn Evidence, and May 29 Mueller Speech

  • Documents by U.S. Department of Justice; edited by the Duer Press

***8.5 x 11 inch format---the same as the original documents

***Includes the full Mueller Report, Volumes I and II and all appendices

***Includes the infamous March 24 "Barr Letter"

***Includes the less-redacted documents relating to Michael Flynn, released by court order

***Includes Robert Mueller's public address, delivered on 5-29-2019

***Finally, contains a brief but useful timeline of relevant events

This is the most readable version currently on the market: full-sized font, clearly printed. Attractively priced paperback will enhance your study and understanding of crucial events relating to the Russian attack on U.S. elections and connections with the Trump administration.


A New Entry in the 'Coloring Books for Adults' series:

Wise Words from Jane Austen

A Coloring Book for Adults

Written and Illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry

Jane Austen’s wit and wisdom are the perfect companion to period-inspired illustrations, ready to color. This coloring book, aimed at grown-up users, offers twenty-one pairings of Austen’s best advice with dimensional drawings. The words can be colored, too, permitting the creation of posters that highlight the timeless words of this world-treasure writer.

The pictures in this volume have been created using a variety of depictions of life in Jane Austen’s era. The modeling and shading of the oil paintings and other original source graphics have been translated into shades of grey. These graphics reflect the historical nature of the theme more completely than can the simple outlined-shapes of a basic children’s coloring book. The kids’ book style of black-and-white minimalism has its appeal—but colorists may find the results they get with shading will offer them even greater enjoyment and satisfaction.

Spend some time with the clever, humane, insightful, and observant Jane Austen: your day will be the brighter for it!

For sale at a modest price, at this link, where you may use the Look Inside feature to examine pages of the book--and write a review:


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Wise Words from Left-Handers

A Coloring Book for Adults

Written and Illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry

This book celebrates the contributions of famous left-handed people throughout history, with inspiring quotations illustrated by ready-to-color artwork.

Appropriate for the entire family, this book can be enjoyed by both left-handed and right-handed colorists--though in recognition of the challenges of being left-handed in a largely right-handed world, the pages to be colored appear on the left of each spread! As with other entries in this series, the artwork goes beyond the standard 'black lines around white spaces' of kid's coloring books to present dimensional modeling, reflecting sources such as oil paintings, etchings, and period photographs. 96 pages.

Find the book and extensive description, including the "Look Inside" feature on the Amazon page, at these sites:





And the original in the series:

Wise Words from Shakespeare

A Coloring Book for Adults

Written and Illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry

Thrill to the wisdom of the Bard as you enjoy coloring original artwork inspired by sculpture, painting, woodcuts, and other graphic expressions of times gone by. 96 pages.

Find the book and extensive description, including the "Look Inside" feature on the Amazon page, at these sites:





Now Available as a Paperback Workbook/Coloring Book:

LC4A and the Big Test: A Math-Story Planet WORKBOOK

Written and Illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry

Word problems can be a special challenge for many math learners. This new edition of the popular ebook LC4A and the Big Test adds several new dimensions to the story of the little alien who has concerns about an upcoming math test on word problems. LC's vibrant world serves to introduce concrete, easy-to-apply skills that learners will enjoy mastering.

"Where to begin?" All too often, that is the mental block facing learners dealing with word problems. LC's story offers solid, research-based strategies for getting through that block--while enjoying the process. So that learners won't feel intimidated, the strategies are presented at the second-grade vocabulary level, and are richly illustrated throughout the book.

Ten new word-problem sets provide valuable experience and practice for putting the problem-solving strategies to work. The problem sets have been carefully constructed to expose learners to the full spectrum of word-problem types. This variety will help keep learners interested.

The word-problem types are explained in detail in the useful parent-guide pages. Those pages contain, in addition, tips on enriching and enhancing the word-problem learning process. Dozens of fun-to-color illustrations make working through this book pleasant and entertaining, as well as educational. Word problems can be fun to solve: all that learners need is the confidence that they possess a toolkit of strategies and tips ready to apply. This storybook/workbook/coloring book will help give them that confidence.

LC4A and the Big Test: A Math-Story Planet Workbook is available at a modest price at both Createspace.com and at Amazon.com.



Also Available in Paperback!

Grey Fairy / White Wolf

Written and Illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry

Enjoy the convenience of this lovely edition: the perfect gift for fans of Frozen and other fairy tales. Find the paperback (at only $6.37 for a limited time) at:




And from Amazon.com in the Kindle Store: Short fiction in the fairy-tale style--with notes on the historical roots--is available as an e-book for an attractive price at Grey Fairy/White Wolf.

Grey Fairy/White Wolf offers exciting, action-packed tales of princes and princesses, transformations, dark and white magic, lovable rogues, wise women, love, treachery, and unexpected reversals. The paperback (and e-book) is about 174 pages in length, is illustrated, and contains both the expanded and original versions of the stories--which are suitable for all ages. Interesting historical notes and facts are included.

A lengthy preview, including a good portion of the first story "The White Wolf," is available in the Look Inside feature on this page:

Grey Fairy/White Wolf


A new picture book, Surprises for Zu-Zu, written and illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry, is a colorful companion to LC4A and the Big Test (described below). Set in the same vivid alien world, this rhyming counting book will enthrall children as they learn numbers and more. What will happen to young Zu-Zu in the unknown lands--plains, rivers, and deep, dark caves--over the hill from Zu-Zu's familiar home?

A suspenseful moment from Zu-Zu's adventure:

An exciting moment from Zu-Zu's story!

This exciting adventure is available for a modest price at:



Take a look at the ebook version of LC4A and the Big Test, written and illustrated by K. Sherrerd Lowry: a children's math picture book that makes word problems fun. Students who feel anxious about tackling word problems will lose their fears in enjoying the story, as they follow the adventures of a little green alien who has a Big Test at school, today:

...Children will follow LC as she confronts--and masters--math problems from the elementary curriculum. These non-routine problems are solved in detail and with plenty of illustrations.

A sample from inside the book shows the vivid, colorful world LC4A lives in:

LC4A and the Big Test: A Math Storybook is available now as an eBook from Amazon, for a modest price. Find it at


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Curious about using forums and message boards? Experienced, but encountering annoyances? This comprehensive guide is for you. Dr. Lowry offers tips,

...tricks, examples, and anecdotes that will illuminate the forum-posting experience for both newcomers and old hands.

What can forum use do for you? It can:

    • Help you learn to be a persuasive communicator
    • Give you feedback as you learn to apply your skills
    • Provide perspectives on public opinion--local, national, and international
    • Expose you to fresh, trending ideas and developments
    • Get you quick answers on a huge range of topics
    • Deliver doses of humor, and the gratifications of interaction--to refresh and stimulate

Message boarding can be fun--and can also be a productive use of your time. Discover more in Forum Finesse: A Guide to Impact and Influence in Online Talk. Now available for a modest price at Amazon:

Find the book at: http://www.amazon.com/FORUM-FINESSE-Impact-Influence-ebook/dp/B00E5SH95W/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1374968152&sr=1-4&keywords=forum

More to come:

Watch this space for news on upcoming publications from Duer Press, where a range of novels, non-fiction, and children's books will be available. Upcoming: As the site grows, you will find on this page links that will send you to the websites of individual authors, complete with information and forums for your comments.

At Duer Press, variety is the watchword.Media criticism, fairy-tale scholarship, children's mathematics storybooks and workbooks, and fine quality coloring books for the adult colorist are all available now--but as our list expands you may expect to find exciting thrillers, moving romances, intriguing detective novels, charming children's books on non-mathematical themes, and thought-provoking non-fiction on many topics.


Children's books should be not only colorful and exciting for kids to read--they should also provide solid learning experiences. That's what you can expect from Duer Press children's authors. Jumping Jiminy! and The Canyon Club by Ponsonby contain vivid characters in thrilling settings, experiencing adventures that compel. Kids will be inspired to learn about the colorful and adventure-filled worlds created in these books--books that will get kids excited about reading.

At Duer Press, look for mystery novels that feature intriguing characters--with an emphasis on plots that will keep you turning pages until the end. Turns and twists abound!